serviceCase Management

Through the case management system developed by Athena Soft International Ltd., Hong Sheng is able to monitor the statutory or prescribed time limits of patent and trademark applications and manage the payment of maintenance fees of patented/registered cases.
Applicants or right holders will be informed via e-mail in a timely manner, so that they can easily grasp the progress of cases to safeguard their interests and rights.

serviceIntellectual Property and Legal Services

  • Consultation and application on customs detention of goods suspected of infringing intellectual property rights
  • Investigation and consultation on infringement of intellectual property rights
  • Patent and trademark infringement analysis
  • Infringement litigations of intellectual property rights
  • International coalition, assignment, and licensing of intellectual property rights
  • Negotiation services on infringement and licensing of intellectual property rights
  • Language translation of legal documents and agreements related to intellectual property rights
  • Deposit of Microorganisms in Domestic and International Depository Authorities (IDAs)

serviceCustomized Services

Patent application:

  • Pre-filing prior art search


  • To avoid redundant R&D investments and modify R&D agendas
  • To maintain the quality of patent application (patentability/value assessment)
  • To control the expenses of patent applications
  • To monitor potential competitors and technical fields of interest
  • To build up patent portfolios

Basis product:

  • Patent clearance search


  • To analyze potential patent infringements and offer technical opinions
  • To minimize the risk of infringing patent rights of third parties
  • To design around a patent

serviceIntellectual Property Training Courses

With the advent of the era of the knowledge economy, intellectual property rights have become crucial for grasping advantages and opportunities in the industry. Our courses start from the basic concept of intellectual property and introduce the concept of intellectual property management, coupled with discussions on the risks and coping strategies of intellectual property, as well as discussions based on real cases.

  • Introduction to IPR and IPR Management
  • Enterprise Intellectual Property Risks
  • Practice of Trademark Right and Case Studies
  • Practice of Patent Right and Case Studies
  • Practice of Trade Secret Protection and Case Studies
  • Copyright Practice and Case Studies