TIPO Sets Up Net Zero Emissions IP Info Section to Facilitate Industry Use of Carbon Reduction Technologies

Reaching net zero emissions by 2050 is considered a collective goal by the global community, and as such, TIPO has set up a dedicated Net Zero Emissions IP Info section to provide information on green technologies and AEP requests for related patents, including:

1. Green Technology Patent Analysis: Includes the Carbon Reduction Technology Development Patent Map, as well as patent analysis reports for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, smart grid, electric assisted bicycles, off-shore wind energy.

2. AEP Requests for Green Technologies: The scope of eligibility for the Accelerated Examination Program has been revised and expanded from “green-energy technologies” to encompass “green technologies”, and the examination time has been shortened from nine to six months.

3. Quick Green Technology Patent Search: Established the “Green Technology Section” in the Global Patent Search System (GPSS). The new section includes search criteria such as biofuel, wind energy, thermal energy storage, allowing users to quickly search through global patents of a particular field through one simple click.

4. TIPO will continue to compile information on IP research related to green technology and make it available to the public by uploading it to the Net Zero Emissions IP Info section.


Source: TIPO